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"John was a dynamic presenter who assessed the needs of the group and adjusted appropriately."
 Manager, National Insurance Conmpany

" John and his understanding and implementation of the Everything DiSC materials have been the single greatest addition to our success as a company and leadership team."
General Manager, Machine Shop

"This workshop exceeded my expectations! I'm able to use what I learned in your workshop in my professional and personal life. I would enthusiastically recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to strengthen their management team"
 Administrator, Health Care Field


Have you ever been confused when you put something together without looking at the instruction manual?  Wouldn’t it be great if people came with an instruction manual?

We help provide an in-depth personal report on how to work with specific individuals.  Our passion is helping people understand more about themselves, their habits and behaviors, others’ behaviors, and ultimately help them create more effective relationships. Through assessments and fun interactive workshops, we are able to help people create a clear image of how they can bring more value to others, be more efficient, and positively contribute to an overall successful environment.


*Building Effective Relationships 
*Building Effective Leaders
*Building Effective Managers
*Building Effective Sales 
*The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™
*The 363 Leader