" Training Directs understanding and implementation of the Everything DiSC® materials have been the single greatest addition to our success as a company and leadership team."
General Manager, Machine Shop

"Generally, I would be very cautious of giving a referral. I believe you need to truly understand someone's character and ability to do so. In John's case, I jumped at the chance."
Manager, International Training and Development Company

We become more successful

We change how employees go home at night

We Inspire

We change the way people communicate


"We've been able to see tremendous growth in our leadership team, as a whole, as well as individuals, in the way we interact with each other and with those that report to us. This program has taken us from feeling like we are doing a great job and are functional, to realizing that we really were not as functional as we thought. John, through this program, helped guide us to recognize our weaknesses. Through this, at times, scary and occasionally difficult process, we have become closer and more effective than we ever thought possible."

"This truly is our competitive edge!"
General Manager, Precision Machining & Thermal Surface Coating plant 

We build innovation and Passion

We invoke Vision and Purpose

We Drive Strategic Conversations and Meaningful Teaching Moments